How will the workshop be structured?

Our Workshop will include educational presentations lectures, slide presentations and video clips after which couples will be asked to complete a series of exercises with their partners. The first exercises will be done in the room. For the subsequent exercises, couples will find a private space on the grounds where they can work on and complete the exercises together. Once the exercises are completed, couples will return to the room for a group discussion.


What if I feel uncomfortable in a group setting?

You determine your level of participation in the group. You will not be sharing or interacting with anyone in the group except for your partner unless you wish to do so.


Will we have to share about our relationship with the group?

You are encouraged to share, but it is not required. If you do share, you can decide what and how much you want to share.


What if we are already in couples therapy?

The HMT® Workshop will complement and enhance the work you are doing in couples therapy.


What if we are currently seeing an EFT therapist?

The HMT® Workshop is based on the EFT Therapy model and will support and enrich your work with the EFT therapist.


Are there any contraindications for the workshop?

The HMT® Workshop is not recommended for couples in which there is active addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, etc. Our Workshop is also not suited for couples who are dealing with recent infidelity or who are committed to separation or divorce.


What if I recognize someone I know at the workshop?

You may choose to interact with someone you know if you so desire. The decision is entirely yours.


Can therapists or other mental health professionals and their partners attend the workshop?

Yes. Therapists and other health professionals and their partners are more than welcome to attend.


Will there be any helpers and will they be therapists?

Yes. There will be some therapist helpers to assist with the exercises and to answer any questions you may have.