The Only Couples Counseling Approach that Gives You a “Map”

The Only Couples Counseling Approach that Gives You a “Map”

Emotionally Focused Therapy, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, is the most researched of all couples therapies. Outcome studies have shown 90% of couples who undergo EFT report marked improvement in the overall satisfaction of their relationship. 70% report complete recovery.

Ready to learn “the Map” for even the most challenging couples? Register now for the four-day EFT Externship in San Antonio, October 24-27, 2017. You’ll get access to EFT tools and get to practice using them in session, as the most rigorously tested approach to couples counseling.

Register before August 24 for a discounted rate.

"One of the few approaches to marital therapy that has been proven to be effective."

—Jay Lebow, Ph.D, President, Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association

In this training, you’ll get:

A methodical approach to work with even highly reactive couples who have experienced affairs or traumatic events.


Tools and assessments that have been rigorously tested as one of the only couples interventions that meets APA criteria for an empirically-validated intervention.


Experience using emotion and enactments in-session to restructure interaction patterns for long-term recovery.

"EFT gives a proven road map to the process of change in couple therapy."

—John Gottman, Ph.D, Bestselling author of The Seven Principles for Making Marria10ge Work

To foster a secure bond between partners, we have to learn to use emotions as the “music” of their “attachment dance".

EFT as "the Map"
Dr. Johnson’s approach provides a “map” for navigating the often-rocky terrain of work with couples, and this training provides clear assessment tools and exercises to use in session. 
Long-Term Effectiveness

Extensive research in the effectiveness of EFT has shown couples, formerly demonstrating insecure attachment, reported their bond was secure up to two years after ending therapy.

Empirically Validated

EFT fits the criteria of an empirically validated intervention according to the standard of the American Psychological Association

Therapy in Nine Steps

Learn about how to choreograph new interaction patterns in nine steps carried out over three stages in the course of therapy.

Using Emotion as the “Music” of Therapy

Understand how to work effectively with emotion - the “music” of the “attachment dance”. 

Using Enactments

Learn how to use “enactments” in sessions with clients to provide structured, corrective emotional experiences.

EFT is proven to help many different kinds of distressed couples shift interactional patterns and create secure bonds for long-term relationship stability.